Keep on sailing - Laser Masters Nationals at Pevensey Bay Sailing Club

16 Oct 20

Adrian Peckham from PBSC reports:

44 Masters competed in what was their second sea event this year. PBSC went to great lengths to provide for a Covid secure event, particularly welcome after many of the season’s circuit events had been cancelled.

PBSC found novel ways to ensure the event went ahead. Competitors were kept in groups of six on the beach, the race officer briefing and prizegiving were conducted in the dinghy park by loudspeaker at a distance, and most of the event paperwork was completed online.

Conditions were almost ideal, with winds ranging between F3 to F5 and dry mostly sunny conditions.

There were three races each day and the neap tides helpfully avoided any black flag starts; the races were run to timetable.

PBSC has hosted the Masters on many occasions previously, typically putting on a buffet dinner/ social event on the Saturday evening on their balcony, with sundown views over to the twinkling lights of Hastings. This year, dinner was reduced to a table service, and the social event was held by way of Zoom with spectators joining later from their cars, hotels, tents and camper vans located on the PBSC camping lawn behind the clubhouse.

The event was made that little bit special with two PBSC sailors from the top of their field joining the call: Oli Greber (Team INEOS America's Cup grinder - complete with his own grinding machine) and Nikki Boniface (Nacra 17 Olympic campaigner) .

Alison Stevens for the UKLA said: "Pevensey Bay went into great detail to ensure that the event went ahead. Good planning , a tenacious approach combined with superb conditions meant the event was a great success on and off the water. We have had very few open meetings this year and we are delighted that they went to the extra effort to put in place the additional protocols to run an occasion like this."

Dick Holttum, Commodore and Race officer, added: “We were very pleased to see the Masters again, they are always a friendly group and we work well with them."

The Masters will be back on the 9-11 July for a three day National Championship where over 100 competitors are expected.

PBSC is an RYA Champion Club and RYA Recognised Training Centre.

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