Location update added to RYA SafeTrx app

19 Aug 20

RYA SafeTrx, the mobile phone safety app that allows you to track your journey on your phone has introduced a new feature. ‘Alert and Track’ will allow the app to transmit a location update every five minutes instead of just one singular position following the activation of an Emergency call.  The location tracker will occur in the following scenarios: 

  • If the user does not have an active trip and an Emergency call is activated.
  • Emergency call activations for Track Only trips set to 10 minute and 30 minute recording intervals.

Where an Emergency or Assistance call is activated in Sail Plan mode or Track Only '5 minute' or 'Continuous’ modes, the app will continue reporting regular position updates to the SafeTrx server.

It is hoped that this update to the app will significantly reduce the necessary search area and will result in finding those who require assistance more quickly. 

Downloading and using the SafeTrx app is free. Once registered, if you find yourself in a distress situation, press the ‘Call for Help’ button to activate an Emergency call.  This dials 999 (or 112 if abroad) and activates emergency tracking which sends regular location data to the SafeTrx Monitoring Console, giving Search and Rescue authorities access to the critical information they need. 

To read how the Alert and Track function has assisted in a recent search and rescue, please click here.

The RYA SafeTrx app is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS smartphones. To download the app, please click on the links below:

Google Play

Apple App Store

To find out more about RYA SafeTrx and how to register, please visit the RYA SafeTrx page on the RYA website. To learn more about how to stay safe afloat, visit the Boat Safety Hub

If you are a member of the RYA and require further information, please email cruising@rya.org.uk.