London and South East region launches Environmental Action Plan

23 Jan 21

These aim to protect the environment and wildlife which is directly impacted by our sport, and helping to make an impact on the larger scale global issues of climate change and global warming.

These are proposals, and clubs/centres are welcome to adapt them to their own circumstances. 

The proposed Environmental Action Plan could be implemented within a club/centre by an environmental representative. It is colour co-ordinated by the ease of implementation, green being the easiest actions to implement, and red being the more advanced, with tick boxes to track progress.

The Environmental Representative role is best filled by someone who has a passion for alleviating climate change and who is keen to encourage environmental and sustainability awareness. The role could be a volunteer position or shared with other roles in a club’s staff.

The RYA regional team would very much welcome the support of clubs/centres with this initiative. Ideally, we would like to see clubs/centres appoint an Environmental Representative during 2021, who will then start to use the action plan.

Please would you send any questions and comments to our regional Environmetal Representative Courtney Bilbrough