London and South East Regional Junior Championships 2023

Young sailors from novices to club racers enjoyed venturing beyond their home waters at the London and South East Regional Junior Championships in June, with windsurfers at Datchet Water and dinghies the following weekend at Queen Mary.
14 Jul 23
LSE RJC 2023

Windsurfers – a delightful day at Datchet Sailing Club

The windsurfing championships were attended by 25 talented young sailors from across the regions. The weather conditions were ideal, with a gentle breeze of 5-10 knots and a full day of glorious sunshine.

The event started with a parent session, where the British Youth Sailing windsurfing pathway was explained and discussed. It provided valuable information for parents to understand the sport and support their young sailors. It was a good opportunity for parents to get involved and feedback to the RYA about windsurfing challenges and further opportunities within their regions.

Throughout the day, the young windsurfers showcased their skills and competed in their respective fleets. In the Bic Techno 6.8 Fleet, Harry Webb from Docklands Dugongs club emerged as the winner, while Jamie Middleburgh from Bough Beech Sailing Club claimed victory in the Bic Techno 7.8 Fleet. Alice Chudzik Rodriguez from Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre triumphed in the Windsurfer 3.5 Regatta Fleet, and Dawson Rogers from Buzz Active secured first place in the Windsurfer 4.5 Fleet. In the Windsurfer 5.8 Fleet, Alexander Pytlewski from Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre emerged as the winner.

Paul Wren, Regional Performance Manager, explained: “Overall, it was a fantastic day filled with thrilling races and impressive performances. The event provided a platform for young windsurfers to showcase their talents and passion for the sport, while also promoting camaraderie and friendly competition among participants. Datchet Water Sailing Club did a commendable job organising the event, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved."

Dinghies – juniors showcase their skills at Queen Mary Sailing Club

The dinghy championships saw challenging conditions. The regatta fleet completed three races on Saturday, while the championship fleet managed four races in light and unpredictable winds.

Sunday also posed challenges with a waning breeze, prompting delays and course adjustments, however the championship fleet had a great finale, with 12-15 knots of southerly breeze. Meanwhile, the regatta fleet accomplished five races, adding to the grand total of eight races completed. Congratulations to Joanna Walker and Evan Hannaby who triumphed in every race.

Freddie Lovejoy who lead the rookie fleet tells us more……..

"The weekend saw some ideal sailing conditions for novice sailors looking to grow their abilities. Saturday had a light breeze morning, for a shakedown sail with upwind sailing. Naomi even had a crack at rudderless sailing skills. Following this was an afternoon venturing further out with a follow my leader adventure with plenty of sail-by high fives, before capsize challenges to cool off a hot afternoon. All of the fleet 'jumped' into that activity.

“Sunday started with a quick rig and briefing on how to start a sailing race which included a role play of it ashore as they ran between marks. The races took place in light wins but after three races there was a clear overall winner; Sid! After lunch the weather changed. The clouds grew darker. The winds doubled in strength and the waves lapped against the shore. With a growing confidence the fleet reefed their sails, manned the boats in pairs and took off to hold a beam reach course. The boats were whizzing along, spray peeled off the bow, sails hummed and giggles filled cockpits as the novice sailors gained a sense of heavy wind sailing, demonstrating confidence building. None more so, than Charlie, who had never sailed on a patch of water so big. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend for all involved!"

A delighted Charlie said: “I was a bit nervous sailing in a new boat but now I want to give racing a go."

Charlie’s mum added: “Thank you Freddie, Hassan, Courtenay, Pip and Margarite for all your help and encouragement this weekend. Great team! Charlie is now hooked.”

If you’d like to get your children hooked like Charlie then find out more about the RYA’s OnBoard programme 

Rookie fleet awards went to:

  • Jozka Van Den Dorpe - Creativity
  • Naomi Jones - Determination
  • Max Poet - Teamwork
  • Charlie Gunny - Confidence
  • Sidney Mitchell - Rookie Fleet OnBoard Race winner

Niall McLeod, RYA Racing Services Manager said: “We are immensely grateful to the parents and volunteers and Queen Mary Sailing Club staff, whose dedication and support made this event a resounding success. The fun-filled event had a great atmosphere with lots of laughter and unforgettable moments.”


For the results for both windsurfers and dinghies please check out the results page.

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