More about the new Racing Rules of Sailing

02 Dec 20

The new rules include a number of changes to the contents of Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions. As some may already have discovered, the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 – 2024 (book or on-line) does not include the Appendices K and L which were the templates for Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions.

These templates have been replaced by ‘guides’ published by World Sailing and available to download in various formats from their website here:

They are called Appendix KG (for NoRs) and Appendix LG (for Sis).

These are really comprehensive templates and, in view of the rule changes, I would urge all clubs to use them to write their NoRs and SIs for 2021. The guides include extensive notes on how to use them and when particular paragraphs are (or are not) needed. The Word version of each guide makes it easy to edit the template into the correct form for your particular circumstances and will ensure that you comply with the new rules’ requirements.

Another change is that the protest form that was included in previous rule books has been replaced by two forms: a ‘hearing request form’ and a ‘hearing decision form’ both of which will be downloadable from the World Sailing website – but not yet, at the time of writing this note.

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