Naseef Kozhithodi joins the team as administrator

RYA Scotland welcomes to the admin team.
11 Aug 23

Naseef Kozhithodi, pronounced /KOY-Toddy/, has a passion for sports and three years of work experience as a administrator at Camelon Juniors FC. Naseef is a former professional athlete with personal record of 49.02 seconds in the 400 meters. He recently gained a master’s degree in Sport Management from Stirling University.

Naseef Kozhithodi, RYA Scotland Administrator

"I am excited to join the team at the RYA. My friends would describe me as self-disciplined, hard-working, and supportive of others. Meaningful work, positive interactions with the team, and personal growth make this an ideal role."

Outside of work, Naseef has a passion for playing football, although we hope to be able to get him afloat to experience the range of activities under our sport.

"I'll bring a strong work ethic to the team, ensuring tasks are completed in line with RYA's high standards. With the ability to handle multiple tasks and remain composed under pressure, I'm confident in maintaining efficiency. Furthermore, my diverse skill set allows me to contribute effectively to the Royal Yachting Association's mission from the outset."

We look forward to working with Naseef and welcoming to our sport.