New Pathways Officer for RYA Northern Ireland

RYA Northern Ireland has announced that they will have a member of staff taking up a new role of Pathways Officer in July.
12 Jun 23

Kate Broderick (nee Pounder) has been covering the post of Active Clubs Coordinator since November, when Lisa McCaffrey went on maternity leave.


Kate previously worked as Performance Sailing Officer for RYA Scotland. The Pathways Officer role is a new role for RYA Northern Ireland and will support the delivery of the ‘Re-imagine Pathways’ strategic aim in the new Navigating the Future strategy, which was launched in March.


Whilst the Active Clubs role works with clubs to introduce new people to the sport through programmes such as Discover Sailing, On Board and Women on Water, the Pathways Officer will focus more on supporting the transition and retention of people that have started in the sport to developing a lifelong love of sailing. This may be following a racing and performance pathway, or it may be through enjoying being out on the water in a recreational way.


RYA Northern Ireland’s Chief Operating Officer Greg Yarnall commented: “It is absolutely crucial that the hard work clubs put in to introducing new people to the sport is not wasted and the appropriate pathways are in place that suit the varying needs of participants to continue in this fantastic sport.


“The Pathways Officer will work closely with the Active Clubs Coordinator and the Performance Manager to look at the types of activities that will help retain people in the sport, and for those who want to progress, help make it easier to transition into a performance environment, enabling them to maximise their potential.


“We will have an initial focus on Women and Girls and double handed pathways from recreational to performance level as these are two areas where feedback informs us that more can be done to improve the opportunities and environments in place.”


Kate Broderick, who will be taking up the post, said: "It has been fantastic meeting with clubs and working with volunteers in NI over the past six months of the Active Clubs Coordinator maternity cover role.


“For me, it's a very exciting chapter moving into the Pathways Officer role, as I will have the opportunity to collaborate with more club volunteers and participants within the long term. Specifically supporting clubs with their participants and officials to bring more opportunities to their water.


“I am looking forward to what the future looks like for this role and how I can help strengthen retainment in sport with future projects that offer a variety of pathways for participants of all ages.”


Kate will continue in her role as Active Clubs Coordinator until the 30 June and will continue to be the point of contact until there is an alternative staff member in place.


There have some other small changes to the staff team and their responsibilities to align with the delivery of the new strategic plan.


A list of staff and their roles are below:


Greg Yarnall – CEO

Gayle Logan – Executive Assistant

Andrew Baker – Performance Manager

Mary Martin – Workforce Development Officer (previously Mary was a Development Officer but has moved to a role solely focused on the engagement of new and the development of volunteers, coaches, officials and instructors to align with the ‘Inspire people to give or continue to give their time’ Strategic aim in the new Navigating the Future strategy).

Kate Broderick (Pathways Officer from 1 July 2023, currently Active Clubs Coordinator – Maternity Cover)

Lisa McCaffrey – Active Clubs Coordinator (currently on Maternity Leave)