New Stage 2-3 session cards are here!

21 May 20

There’s not a triangular course in sight!

Welcome to the new OnBoard Improver Sailing Session cards, designed to bridge the gap between RYA Stages 2 & 3 through regular participation and practice.

Following on from the first lot of OnBoard Session Cards – which covered Stages 1 & 2 – these six new sets are packed full of ideas to inspire and motivate both new and experienced instructors to help young sailors improve their knowledge and skills.

Like the first cards, each of the Improver Sailing sessions are linked to an OnBoard character attribute and come as full A4 and A6 ‘pocketsize’ waterproof versions to use off and on the water. But unlike the first set, the new cards can be used in any order depending on the skill or experience level of the group or the conditions.

Hannah Cockle, RYA OnBoard Operations Officer, explains: “There’s often a big knowledge and/or skills gap between Stages 2 & 3 where the sailors just need a little bit of practice time.

“These new cards are there for instructors to try new things and enjoy exploring different ways to develop the sailors’ knowledge and skills. Triangular courses are an instructor’s bread and butter so they don’t need to be told how to set that up. These session cards allow them to think about and do things a bit differently.”

The six sets of Improver Session cards are…

  • Seamanship – Confidence
  • Boat Handling – Creativity
  • Five Essentials – Independence
  • Racing – Determination
  • Double Handed Sailing – Communication
  • Sail Away – Teamwork

Every card provides an instructor with an overview of each session, as well as key information and top tips. For example, the Seamanship session is all about teaching sailors how to control boat speed so they feel confident in doing so before attempting a tricky manoeuvre such as Man Over Board.

There are additional cards too, giving you lots of great ideas for games, challenges, bad weather alternatives and interactive ideas. The new session cards will be available to all OnBoard venues.

Hannah concludes: “Although we might be limited as to what we can do on the water at the moment, we hope as the year moves on we will be able to start seeing OnBoard clubs and centres introduce these sessions with their sailors. It’s an exciting new step for OnBoard, but most our instructors and the sailors they’re teaching.”

The new cards will be ready and sent out to OnBoard venues when we are able to return to offices, printers and mailing houses. 

‘Appy Days!

You heard it here first – there’s an OnBoard app on the way! The new app will be tested on around 15 OnBoard venues with core groups of OPB sailors.

The app is designed for both sailors and instructors where you can log activity, set challenges, have a profile, view videos and much more. If your club wants to be part of the trial drop Hannah a line at