New fund to protect and prepare grassroots sport

A new fund of up to £4million has been launched by Sport Wales to help grassroots sports clubs and organisations that are currently facing an uncertain future.
26 Oct 20

With so much communitysport on pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the new Be Active Wales Fund isa lifeline to help them not only weather the Covid 19 storm but to also rebuildand restart.

Thanks to the Welsh Government and repurposedmoney from the National Lottery, clubs and organisations will be able to makesure they can continue to keep their communities active by applying for a grantof between £300 and £50,000.

Applications can be made online at where you’ll also find a comprehensiveguide on how to apply. The RYA Cymru Wales development team are also on hand to support clubs withtheir applications.

RYA Cymru Wales CEO Gerwyn Owen said: “We’re all thrilledthat boating has been able torestart but we’re fully aware that many of our clubs still need support. Thisnew fund will provide crucial financial backing to help clubs survive thecurrent crisis and also introduce the safety measures which are required tofollow our guidance on ensuring a safe return to activity. We’d like to thankSport Wales for establishing the Be Active Wales Fund, and also recognise thesupport of the Welsh Government and National Lottery.”

SportWales Chief Executive Sarah Powell said: “Grassroots sport has been hitincredibly hard. Thankfully, more than half a million pounds of emergencyfunding has already saved a huge number of clubs,and we’re pleased to be able to launch this new fund which will provideeven more support at a time when it is so badly needed.

“Our clubs and groups are crucial in keeping the peopleof Wales active. If they don’t stay afloat or they can’t reopen safely, we canexpect another crisis – that of inactivity and ill-health. We must not let thathappen. Clearly,clubs will need to adapt many of their activities sothat they fully adhere to health guidelines and socialdistancing requirements. The Be Active Wales Fund will help make thatpossible.” 

Researchcarried out by Sport Wales suggests that the inequality gap in sportsparticipation has intensified during lockdown, most notably for those living indeprived areas. As a result, RYACymru Wales will be doingeverything they can to help the Be Active Wales Fund reach those communitieswho need it most. For full details, visit