Racing Rules Update

15 Jul 20

Our Regional Rules Advisor Chris Simon writes:

This has been happening for so long that it was embedded in World Sailing’s rules and regulations. So, when the Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed until summer 2021 the question arose as to when the ‘new rules’ would begin to apply?

It has now been announced, following some changes in World Sailing regulations, that the RRS 2021 – 2024 will apply from 1st January 2021. The RRS 2021 – 2024 have now been published on the World Sailing website  As usual, changes in the wording of rules are side-lined for ease of identification. However, there are quite a few rules whose number has been changed without the words changing and these are not side-lined – so if you find that a rule that you want to look up is not where you last found it in the ‘old rules’ don’t assume that it has been deleted, it may have been moved and re-numbered.

There are rule changes affecting both competing and race management, although none are hugely significant. I hope to have developed a ‘New Rules’ talk later in the year (target November) if your club would be interested in hearing about the changes.

I gave a rules talk on Zoom last month which worked well and, I am told, was well received. I would be happy to do that again if your club, or a group of sailors, would be interested and can deal with the technology necessary. Contact Chris

Keep safe and let us hope more normal times are not too far away.

Chris Simon

Regional Rules Advisor - London and South East