RYA co-hosts online Decarbonising Recreational Boats Workshop

24 Jul 20

“Our estuaries and coasts are carbon rich ecosystems, but can we use and enjoy them carbon free?” this is amongst one of the many questions that the Pathways to Zero - Decarbonising Recreational and Support Boats online workshop hopes to explore. 

Phil Horton, RYA Environment and Sustainability Manager, will be co-hosting the free event alongside Devon Climate Emergency and British Marine, to examine the issues, the needs, the technology and the gaps involved with decarbonising recreational and support boats.

The event’s hosts will open the workshop by considering the environmental challenges we are facing. Dan Reading, Head of Sustainability at World Sailing, will start the discussion on assessing boaters’ needs with a presentation on their “Challenge 2024” project. The panel with then discuss aspects such as how regularly do boat owners use their boats and how fast do we really need our boats to travel. 

The workshop will then explore technology as asolution to the environmental issues and the event will invite speakers from ePropulsion,RS Pulse58, Island RIBs and Marine Electrification Services to present some ofthe current lower carbon emission boats on the market. 

The online event will then end with an opendiscussion to debate ‘where the future of boating is heading?’ and ‘what isneeded to increase interest and confidence in low carbon boats?’

Full workshop agenda: 

11:00 The Issues 

Speakers: Emily Reed, Devon Climate Emergency

Phil Horton, RYA Sustainability Strategy

Ross Wombwell, British Marine Environmental Roadmap

11:45 The Need – Discussion with contributions from World Sailing

Speaker: Dan Reading, Head of Sustainability World Sailing

12:30 Lunch Break – food & drink of your own choice, a la carte!

13:30 The Technology 

Speakers: ePropulsion, RS Pulse58, Island RIBs and Marine Electrification Services

14.30 The Gaps – Open Discussion

Chair: Phil Horton, Sustainability Manager RYA

15:00 Finish

Pathways to Zero - Decarbonising Recreational and Support Boats workshop takes place between 11:00-12:30 and 13:15-15:00 on 6 August. You can register in advance for the meeting here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

For further information regarding the workshop, please email Nigel Mortimer: nigel.mortimer@southdevonaonb.org.uk

If you’re interested in learning more about environmental issues then please visit the Planning and Environment hub page on the RYA website. Alternatively, if you would like further information on how to make your boating more sustainable, visit The Green Blue website where they have a wealth of information, video guides and sustainability checklists for yourself and your sailing club.