RYA encourages boaters to share training memories

29 May 20

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the RYA’s world-leading training schemes. And to celebrate the exciting milestone, the RYA is encouraging anyone that’s ever taken a course, or been impacted by RYA training in any way to share their stories.

Since 1970, millions of people have taken RYA courses - with more than 270,000 people undertaking some form of RYA training every year. 

Everyone’s experience will be different, for some a dinghy course as a child may have kick-started a lifelong passion for racing. For another, maybe a Competent Crew course led to regular boating holidays. For others, their training may have provided them with a career in leisure or commercial sailing.

RYA Director of Training and Qualifications, Richard Falk commented: “I discovered RYA training relatively late in life. I’d been around boats for 30 years before I took an RYA course, but that training enabled me to change careers, skipper a yacht in a round-the-world race, establish and run multiple businesses, and, ultimately it’s given me the privilege of managing the largest, most reputable sail and powerboat training schemes in the world.”

Over the coming months, the RYA will be sharing a series of personal stories, as well as images and video footage from ‘back in the day’. Looking back and celebrating just how far things have come and thanking everyone that’s been involved along the way. The campaign will also explore the enormous impact the RYA’s training schemes have had on the boating world and marine industry as we now know it.

Richard continued: “So whether you’ve done a course or have delivered courses as an instructor, this year is all about celebrating your individual stories and the impact RYA training has had for so many. We’ll be selecting our 50 favourite contributions, and as well as featuring as part of the celebratory campaign, our winners will also receive a special commemorative glass.”

Be a part of it

Maybe an RYA training course was the start of a lifelong hobby or career on the water, an introduction to friends or loved ones, or the inspiration and starting point for the adventure of a lifetime – perhaps it even saved your life?

Whatever your story, please send your favourite images, anecdotes and memories to 50years@rya.org.uk to join in with the celebrations, and for your chance to win a special commemorative whisky glass featuring the 50 Years of RYA Training logo. Terms & conditions apply, find out more here

To find out more about the 50th Anniversary and the history of the RYA training schemes, visit www.rya.org.uk/go/50years. For more information about RYA courses go to www.rya.org.uk/training.