RYA hosts free online sustainable boating forum

21 May 20

As many of us have been forced to slow down the pace of our lives during the last few weeks, it has been reported that we are all becoming much more aware of the wildlife that we share our surroundings with. Nothing gives you a better opportunity to witness a multitude of birds, plants, mammals and insects than spending time on the water, or when walking beside it.  

Phil Horton, RYA Environment and Sustainability Manager, will be hosting an interactive forum next Friday (29 May) which aims to share and discuss how we can all work together to minimise our impacts on the environment. The forum, A sustainable return to boating – capitalising on increased environmental awareness, is one of many online discussions that the RYA has hosted since the lockdown measures were announced. 

Phil will be sharing practical tips and ideas which, as we all begin to slowly and carefully return to the water, can be implemented by individual boaters. From careful removal and application of antifouling, management of waste disposal, anchoring with care and how to avoid wildlife disturbance, it promises to be an insightful discussion. The forum will also look at simple actions that sailing clubs can introduce to reduce the impact of their operations too.

The forum is being held in partnership with The Green Blue, the environmental awareness programme created by the RYA and British Marine, who will be supporting the forum with free online resources which individuals, clubs and businesses can use.

A sustainable return to boating – capitalising on increased environmental awareness forum takes place at 4.30pm on 29 May. Register via the link below to book your place now: