RYA reflects on result of 2019 General Election

19 Dec 19

The RYA has welcomed the election of a majority Government and hopes that this will see progress on issues across Government that impact on recreational boating and outstanding issues related to Brexit of concern to its members.


Howard Pridding, RYA Director of External Affairs, said: “With the Government now having a clear majority in the House of Commons, we look forward to working with Ministers over the coming months and years on issues of interest to sport and recreational boating.


“In the first instance, we call on the new Government to negotiate a future trading relationship with the EU next year which allows recreational boating in the UK to continue to flourish.


“Given the new Government’s commitment to ‘getting Brexit done’ we look forward to working with politicians and Government officials to address outstanding issues of concern to our members. This will include ensuring that recreational boaters can continue to travel freely and easily between the UK and the EU and issues related to the Union Goods status of their boats, as well as allowing our qualified instructors to continue to work in RYA training centres based in a number of member states.


“More broadly, we look forward to working with the Government on a number of other issues, including the need for continued investment in both high-performance and grassroots sport, the future use of red diesel and promoting safe, sustainable and responsible boating.


“Recreational boating activity takes place on the coast and inland waterways across the entire country. We look forward to meeting new Members of Parliament to familiarise them with the opportunity to get afloat in their constituencies and brief them on issues across Government that impact on recreational boating.”