RYA Scotland welcomes First Minister's announcement indicating a return for outdoor activity

RYA Scotland welcomes First Ministers announcement indicating a return for outdoor activity.
21 May 20

RYA Scotland has welcomed the announcement by the First Minister today that paves the way for the Scottish boating community to prepare to return to the water.

James Allan CEO said;

“The announcement today is good news for all outdoor sports and especially for our boating community.

While there are still going to be restrictions on our activities and we will continue to follow Scottish Government advice, we can look forward to restarting some boating activity when the decision is made to move into Phase 1 and we look forward to the detailed guidance from the Scottish Government in the days to come.

When we enter Phase 1, it will be more important than ever that we be vigilant in ensuring our safety afloat. Our message to all of Scotland’s boating community will remain for them to be considerate and conservative as they return to the water. Have a plan before you go, check your equipment thoroughly as it hasn’t been used for a while, stay well within your limits and experience and if in doubt, don’t go out!

RYA Scotland will examine the detailed guidance from the Scottish Government when it becomes available and use this to inform advice and guidance for clubs to support their safe and responsible return to activities when we move to Phase 1.

For now we are still in lockdown. We must stay off the water just a little longer but can do so in the anticipation of being able to go afloat in some form soon”.