Sailing rules talks and courses for London and South East clubs

15 Jan 21

The talks/courses are designed to be given to club sailors and race officials audiences but most of them can be delivered on Zoom or a similar virtual platform while lockdown conditions prevail.

  • New Rules for 2021 – 2024: Covering the changes to the RRS taking effect from 1st January 2021. There's also a short version available for young or inexperienced competitors.
  • Basic Rules: a talk using the RYA’s Handy Guide to the Racing Rules 2021 – 2024 to give newcomers to racing a summary of the basic rules that they need to know to go racing.
  • Rules at Marks: A very detailed look at the mark rounding rules.
  • Rules around the Race Track: A detailed look at the rules applicable, in the order met when in a race.
  • Racing Rules for Rivers: not just rivers but any enclosed waters (e.g., reservoirs, gravel pits, etc.) as it deals in detail with obstructions, continuing obstructions, hailing for room, etc.
  • RRS for Race Management: covers all the rules aspects for running a race.
  • What rules do you need to know?: a talk specifically for safety and mark laying boats who may be asked by the Race Officer to deal with other things on the water – probably useful for race officers too.
  • Resolving rules disputes: about advisory and arbitration hearings and the post-race penalty. To use these a club needs to have trained Club Rules Advisors – see below.
  • Conducting a protest hearing: A step-by-step guide on chairing a protest hearing. This is not suitable for virtual presentation as sample documents and online resources are involved.
  • Club Race Officer training course: designed to be delivered by an experienced Club race officer to introduce the principles of race management in the Club’s environment and practices. Not suitable for virtual presentation.
  • Club Rules Advisor training course: a course to give training in the use of the RYA’s Alternative [Rules] Dispute Resolution processes and procedures. Not suitable for virtual presentation.

Please contact Chris for more information or to arrange a talk/course.