Slipways: How do you clean yours?

Share your experiences of cleaning club or centre slipways.
11 Apr 24
A group of people pulling dinghies out of the water at a club slipway

Keeping slipways clean of algal and other growth is key to the safe launching and recovery of boats. The methods for how clubs and centres choose to maintain their slipways varies between organisations. To help us to gain an insight into those methods, we have launched the RYA Slipways Survey. The objectives of the survey are to find out how people are cleaning their slipways, and if they are using pressure washers what power output they have.

The Green Blue, the RYA environmental outreach programme, provides advice on slipway cleaning, and the preference is for mechanical rather than chemical processes to protect against harm to wildlife. While there are some approved slipway cleaning chemicals, these are assessed by the Health and Safety Executive rather than by environmental bodies. However, in some situations there is no alternative to using chemical treatments.

By completing the RYA Slipways Survey, you will be helping us to provide additional advice to affiliates on the best methods of slipway cleaning. Additionally, we hope this research will indicate if electric options are available that will meet the needs of clubs and centres, this would reduce fuel handling risks around the water and reduce an affiliate’s carbon emissions. 

Submissions to the RYA Slipways Survey will close on 16 May ’24. 

Share your experiences and complete the RYA Slipways Survey.

Visit The Green Blue for further information on slipway environmental best practice.