South Cerney Sailing Club announces sponsorship of Blind Sailing

A new home for GBR British Blind Sailing
18 Nov 20

South Cerney Sailing Club is the new home to GBR British BlindSailing and is now able to offer increased opportunities for visually impairedsailors to get involved with the club and take part in activities.

Thisexclusive sponsorship with Blind Sailing, and group commitment to the charity,will now offer even more access to boats and training facilities, as well asenabling the charity and its members access to additional sailing and racingwhich is more centrally located in the UK.

BlindSailing Commodore Lucy Hodges commented: “This is a massive sponsorship to thecharity. It may not be the physical passing of money, but this is something awhole lot more. As well as providing more opportunities for those alreadyinvolved in the sport, it also opens a door for people to step through and getinvolved with sailing for the first time. This new sponsorship also takes thecharity’s sail at home project one stage further. It will now also enableregular racing all year round, as well as access to sailing which is not juston our weekends.”

If you would like tolearn more about Blind Sailing please contact via or call07796 687914.