Take part in online research for the Submit a Pleasure Craft Report website

Help the Home Office to improve the user experience of the Submit a Pleasure Craft Report website.
04 Dec 23
Two women on a yacht

The Home Office (HO) Digital team have launched an online survey to improve the Submit a Pleasure Craft Report (SPCR) website. The survey is aimed at skippers who use the SPCR website and asks questions about the user’s reporting needs and any challenges experienced when using or accessing the service.

The HO is particularly keen to hear from foreign nationals and users who have access needs or limited digital skills. To participate in the survey, you must be a user of the SPCR website, or likely to start using the website soon.

The survey should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. 

Further research

At the end of the survey, participants will be asked if they wish to be contacted further regarding the SPCR website. If so, then the HO Digital team will use the email address provided to invite the participant to a research call. This will involve an in-depth discussion on the SPCR user experience and will work through test scenarios.  

The survey closes on 12 January 2024. 

To learn more about the survey, or to participate, visit the Home Office website.

If you have a question about the survey, email the Border Force team.