sportscotland National Centre Cumbrae

Statement regarding the future of Cumbrae Watersports Centre
06 Mar 20


Following an extensive review of Cumbrae National Watersports Centre, a decision has been made to close the centre.

This has been a long consultation and we have taken the time to make a considered and informed decision. We have listened to the views of all interested parties and explored all options before reaching this decision.

sportscotland Chief Executive, Stewart Harris, said:

“While we are disappointed that Cumbrae will have to close, this review has shown us it is absolutely the right thing to do. We have explored many options and Cumbrae remaining open is no longer feasible.

“We will deliver the 2020 season and our staff have been working to ensure there is a full programme available.

“We have looked at the range of issues facing the future of watersports and it has become clear the focus must be on different ways of supporting development more locally across the whole of Scotland.

“The future provision of educational courses for children currently offered by Cumbrae National Watersports Centre will now be run from Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre. Other training provision will be provided by the Royal Yachting Association Scotland. RYA Scotland will also be reaching out to support many more clubs in more places to help everyone get more out of boating.

“We have also considered what alternate use of the Centre could bring greater benefit to the island and we’ll work with North Ayrshire Council as we look to sell the site, in order to achieve this.

“A range of Scottish Governing Bodies have been involved in the consultation process from the beginning, in particular RYA Scotland. We will continue to work closely with RYA Scotland over the next few months to further develop plans for supporting their activities in Scotland.”


RYA Scotland Chief Executive, James Allan, said:

“The closure of Cumbrae National Watersports Centre is disappointing for us all but is a decision RYA Scotland supports. Cumbrae has served the boating community well, over a long period of time and will leave a strong legacy from which we can build.

We have worked closely with sportscotland through the consultation process to explore many options for the future of Cumbrae but it is clear that our sport and the boating community of Scotland, need an entirely new approach to support and development which cannot be achieved at a single centre.

We are continuing to work closely with sportscotland and other partners to ensure that we move forward in a manner that will directly enhance support for clubs and allow us to achieve our aspirations for the future of boating across Scotland.”