Streamlined online exam payment service

A recent RYA exam online upgrade has been making waves of progress for payments and identity verification.
24 Jul 23

(Photo credit: Sweetbay Photography)

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has made waves of progress with their recently upgraded online RYA exam payment service. Now, candidates can conveniently pre-pay for a range of exams such as the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal, Offshore, Ocean, and Powerboat Advanced courses and more!

Efficient application process for candidates

After payment, exam candidates will receive a personalised PDF application form via email with a unique code. However, for those candidates who still want to pay on account or by cheque, can still do so by obtaining application form via the RYA Document Finder.

In order to verify their identity, candidates are now required to present a valid photographic identification for exams. Accepted forms of identification include a driving license or passport.

Enhanced examiner verification and accountability

The RYA Yachtmaster and RYA Powerboat Advanced application forms have also been revamped with a verification section. Examiners will now have a designated space to sign, confirming the candidates' eligibility, identity and their readiness to conduct the exam.

The latest print run of the SRC course pack will also feature improvements to promote transparency and accountability for the examination process. For more information and guidance on RYA Training, visit RYA Training Support.