Sailing clubs focus on community food distribution during crisis

Club chefs switch focus from their galleys to feeding the community
29 Apr 20

Sailing clubs in the south west arefinding innovative ways of maintaining links with their members and the widercommunity during lockdown. Some of the many local heroes who are working tokeep others safe and well are the clubs’ tireless chefs, who have switchedfocus from club galleys to food delivery services. 

John Powell, catering partner andchef at Royal Torbay Yacht Club’s N12 restaurant, has been running ahome-delivery meal service for a month – not just for club members but thewider community with free delivery for TQ1, TQ2 and TQ3 postcodes. Hisfreshly-cooked, comfort-food style meals are delivered daily, his Sunday roastshave proved particularly popular and he updates the menu regularly. Feedback onthe club’s Facebook page has been excellent. 

BrixhamYacht Club has also received excellent feedback, from members using the food deliveryservice from its Galley chef, Lee Mitchell. His main focus has been to provide good quality meals to clubmembers and to support local suppliers, farmers and fishermen. He offers arange of freshly made traditional British dishes such as pies, burgers and fishand chips, provides a full roast on Sundays and also produces a number of special menus for ‘supper club’ evenings -giving people something to look forward to and also a sense of togetherness aspeople enjoy the same meal together while apart.  

Nick Laver-Vincent, chef at Salcombe Yacht Club, has beenusing his skills to help local people in need. When the club went into lockdown, hecooked up all the fresh food in stock and made over 40 two-serving meals. Clubmanager Jules McColl took these to the Kingsbridge Food Bank, which distributesto 22 parishes including Salcombe. Now, Nick gets foodin from the food bank and also deliveries from local organisations that haveneeded to clear their freezers, and he makes about 1000 meals a week, rangingfrom Penne Bolognese to Salcombe Seafood Stew. He makes amazing soups andrisottos and does a whole line in desserts! Jules takes allthe meals to the food bank, and they are distributed on Fridays. 

By working so hard when most peopleare staying at home, these chefs are ensuring that the community stays well-fedand safe, while helping their clubs to remain viable until they can welcomeback their members. 

Royal Torbay Yacht Club 

Brixham Yacht Club 

Salcombe Yacht Club

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