The Green Blue share new online educational resources

13 May 20

World Sailing have launched a free Sustainability Education Programme for sailing clubs, teachers and parents to share with their children. Delivered in partnership with the World Sailing Trust and 11th Hour Racing and developed with The Ocean Race, the programme forms part of World Sailing's Sustainability Agenda 2030 - sailing's commitment to global sustainability. 

The Royal Yachting Association will be sharing the educational programme’s materials with its members and the wider community through its environmental awareness programme, The Green Blue. Kate Fortnam, The Green Blue’s Campaign Manager says: “These educational resources are a welcome addition to our existing range of educational activities for young boaters. We’re hoping that the materials will be used by sailing clubs, teachers and parents who can help raise awareness of the environment to children and can share with them how to best safeguard our waters, wildlife and habitats for the future.”

The programme will cover six topics with each comprising of a booklet, trainer's guide and worksheet for age groups 6-8yrs, 8-10yrs and 10-12yrs. As well as worksheets, the resources also include a range of fun, hands-on ideas to bring the information to life for children, such as design challenges and group problem solving.  

The theme throughout the programme is to combine key sailing terminology with environmental issues whilst also learning about some of the exciting events and boats in the sport that can hopefully inspire the next generation of sailors. The topics to be covered are as listed: 

  • Race with World Sailing
  • Resources and Climate Change
  • Navigating Wildlife and Biodiversity
  • Reducing Waste – available from 13 May
  • Oil and Fuel – available from 20 May
  • Boat Cleaning and Maintenance – available from 27 May

It is hoped that by balancing these selected areas that the next generation of sailors will be more aware of the wider environmental issues that can affect sailing, as well as those areas where the sport can also make a real positive impact.

The World Sailing Sustainability Education Programme materials can be accessed within the Educational Activities section of The Green Blue’s website.