Noonsite calls for Trans-Atlantic travel information

27 Apr 20

Noonsite is putting together a Trans-Atlantic Support item to assist all those cruising yachts travelling this year west to east with details of every piece of support that is available. Time is of the essence.

Noonsite is currently working with the Ocean Cruising Club to identify ports on the route, protocols at this time and contact details. It will then publish this information as soon as possible for cruisers to access. Noonsite already has a good idea of the main stopovers (Bermuda, Azores, Cape Verdes, Gibraltar, Falmouth UK etc.) and this information can be found on the Noonsite website in the relevant Country bio-security section.

However, it will help enormously if anyone that has further details of any Atlantic/Northern Europe/Mediterranean transit ports that are open and accepting yachts on passage (other than those above), the following details would be useful:

1. Country - Name of Port and/or Marina

2. What protocols are in place (i.e. do they need to provide advance information, call/e-mail - or simply just contact on VHF)

3. Assistance available (i.e. Fuel, Water, Supplies, Repairs etc.)

4. Time limit (i.e. do they have to leave after 24/48 hours?)

5. Contact details

Please share any information you may have with Please note, if the information is in a language other than English then Noonsite are able to translate.