Utilities survey launched for clubs and centres

The RYA wish to understand how these financial changes may be affecting RYA affiliated clubs and recognised training centres
26 Sep 22
wide shot of solar panels on top of sailing club

The RYA is concerned that the forecasted rising costs may result in higher club expenditure.

Rising costs at home could also lead to a reduction in club members as individuals struggle to justify membership fees.

As such, we have now opened the ‘RYA Clubs and Centres - Facilities & Utilities Survey.’ The survey should be completed by the person at the club or centre that manages the organisation’s finances or oversees facilities management. The survey will close on 26 October 2022. 

The survey covers topics related to the increased cost of living, including:

  • energy
  • waste
  • fuels
  • biodiversity
  • navigational aids
  • red diesel telecommunications

The survey's purpose

This survey has been created to help the RYA understand what facilities clubs and centres have in place and to highlight any current or future / forecasted challenges. This information will help the RYA in considering what is needed by affiliates and how best we may be able to prioritise and focus resources. 

All information that is shared in the survey will also help form a picture of the current financial landscape faced by clubs and centres in the recreational boating industry. This data will then be fed into the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

We understand that clubs and centres are concerned about the rise in cost of essential items and although the RYA cannot fix the crisis, we will signpost clubs and centres to funding and resources, wherever possible.

We would like to strongly encourage all clubs and centres to complete the survey to help us build a comprehensive view of developing financial situations.

Whilst energy announcements are emerging from Government, on the Energy Price Guarantee, suggesting that businesses will see their energy costs capped at the same price per unit that households will pay under the government's new plans, but only for six months (to be reviewed after three months, and may be extended for certain industries and vulnerable businesses), we recognise this is a rapidly changing situation.  Nevertheless, your help in completing the survey will provide us with valuable data with which to address the issue. 


Take the Facilities & Utilities Survey


If you have any questions about completing the Facilities & Utilities Survey, please email us at environment@rya.org.uk.

Tips for reducing energy usage 

Reducing your organisation’s energy usage and saving some money on bills doesn’t need to be complicated. Below you will find some top tips to consider when looking to reduce your energy usage.


Fitting insulating in the roof and floor are the most impactful, along with insulating pipe runs to reduce heat losses. 

Double or triple glazing 

This can help in the long-term, but it is not likely to be cost effective in the short term if existing units are in good condition. To reduce costs, instead look at adding layers, making use of blinds and curtains and / or applying thermal insulating window films. 

Add draught proofing around windows and doors. 

Heating and hot water controls

Make sure these are set up to match your usage patterns and change them depending on up-coming events, so you don’t waste energy.  It is also worth installing local controls (TRVs) for radiators, so that you only heat the areas that you need. 


Fitting LED bulbs can make a big difference. At RYA HQ we have cut lighting energy use by around 75% by replacing tube units with LEDs.


Making efficient use of ovens and hobs through planning ahead and only catering for the volume required. Making use of hot water urns to store hot water, rather than boiling the kettle. 

Behaviour change

Raising awareness of the importance of making sure to close doors/windows properly, having shorter showers, turning off lights, only boil as much water as they need for a cup of tea, etc. all make incremental savings on your energy bill.

Even more green tips

You can find more energy tips with The Green Blue’s 30 ways to Green your ClubCitizens Advice and National Energy Action.  They offer even more resources and tools that can help your club or centre become even more green.