Our aims

What the British Youth Sailing programme strives for

To develop and retain the best racing sailors in the world

The British Youth Sailing programme aims to develop sailors who:

  1. Are fast in all conditions
  2. Are mentally and physically robust athletes
  3. Are excellent non-dependent decision-makers
  4. Excel under the most extreme pressure
  5. Nurture passion, professionalism and performance mindset
Be the world's most adaptive sailor

Racing is about solving the problems and making decisions that the course, weather and competitors throw at you

Racing - the Adaptive Sailor graphic - British Youth Sailing

Performance mindset: development of robustness in world-class sailors

The Sailor Performance Psychology Model represents the psychology mission to help remove psychological barriers and optimise performance.


This is achieved through establishing, strengthening and maintaining the core foundations of a B.L.A.S.T. performance mindset and optimising on water, sailing specific mental processes.


Through developing these skills and increasing their robustness by practicing them in training and under pressure in regattas, it is believed that sailors will be able to thrive when it matters most. Meaning they can apply and demonstrate these skills, make logical decisions and deliver optimal technique under pressure.


For further information, guidance and handouts to help you optimise your Performance Mindset, please visit our online resource here.


performance mindset diagram