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Recognised Classes

Sailing Race The RYA grants certain classes recognition based upon their ability to support the aim of British Youth Sailing. Recognition is a policy decision determined by the RYA Youth Steering Group. RYA Racing Committee then make the final decision.

Classes that are important to the delivery of British Youth Sailing's aims and ambition are awarded the title of Recognised Class.

In addition to being a British Youth Sailing Recognised Class, the RYA also determines the age category that it believes a class is best for. As a result, a class will be designated as being most suitable for sailors who are normally under 16 years of age (Junior Classes) or under 19 years of age (Youth Classes).

 Class Junior/Youth  Information 
BIC Techno 293 OD Junior Recognised equipment for Junior windsurfing.  Strong domestic and international racing.  Good variety of training and competition provided by UKWA.
Laser 4.7 Junior  Feeder class to the Radial and Standard rig. The 4.7 helps Optimist and Topper sailors get used to the Laser hull with a more forgiving sail.  Lots of European competition opportunities. 
RS Feva XL Junior  Double-handed asymmetric boat. RYA runs UK Junior squads and Zone squads
Cadet Junior  Double-handed symmetric boat.  RYA UK Junior Squad. 
Optimist Junior  Size and forgiving nature make it great for very young sailors.  Comprehensive open training widely available and extensive programme of international competition. 
Topper Junior  Sailed extensively in the UK with regional and national training and competition. 
RS Tera Sport Junior  A relatively new Junior class.  Good variety of training and competition both home and abroad. 
29er  Youth  Double-handed asymmetric boat.  The Class Association runs good open training and RYA has a UK Youth Squad. 
 420 Youth  Double-handed symmetric boat.  Open training run by Class Association and RYA run UK Youth Squad.
Laser Radial Youth  Youth Class for girls and boys and the women's single-handed Olympic Class.  Extensive open training in the UK and RYA run UK Youth Squad.
Laser Standard Youth Single-handed boys Youth Class and also an Olympic Class.  Extensive training and competitions in UK and overseas.
 RS:X 8.5 Youth   The rig for Olympic women and youth boys and girls.  It provides a good lead into the 9.5 rig for top level boys and senior men. 
Nacra 15  Youth Double-handed Youth twin trapeze catamaran for boys girls or mixed crews.

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