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    Physical Profiling - Introduction

    Physiological profiling scores must be completed by all sailors in order to allow them to be selected onto RYA UK Youth squads. These profiling sessions are a chance for sailors to understand their physical strengths and areas to improve on to support their sailing development. Regular profiling will enable sailors to track their physical development against the training they are completing.

    Physical Profiling – why do we do it?

    Sailors should strive towards trying their hardest on all tests as this will give them the best information to see how fit they are and if their training is working. Benchmarks are collated from non-elite research in athletic individuals of the same age and gender, and are considered the minimum level of physical performance for a UK squad sailor to progress through the pathway by increasing robustness and maximising effective time on the water through the following:

    • Reduce days lost on the water due to chance of injury
    • Reduce days lost on the water due to chance of illness
    • Reduce fatigue – Increase effectiveness of time on the water
    • Improve recovery - Accelerate learning
    • Reduce decline in cognitive function over time
    • Enable a more productive learning environment to maximise skill development
    • Display positive behaviours in physical development to enable smoother transition to the greater demands of the Olympic classes or into new classes that have different physical demands

    Physical profiling & selection

    To be eligible for selection for the RYA UK Youth squads, sailors must achieve or better the average benchmark percentile of all tests combined. NB. In double-handed boats, both sailors must achieve average benchmark percentiles of all tests combined. If sailors achieve >30% above average minimum benchmark they will be eligible for Youth Squad A which awards them a higher status within the squad, gives the coaches and support staff direction over where to prioritize their time and allows the programme to award additional resource should it be available.

    What happens if I miss a profiling test?

    All sailors from UK Youth Squad upwards must achieve and maintain their benchmarks in order to be selected and maintain their place within the programme quarterly.

    However, squad sailors are allowed to miss one test in every cycle (September, December, April). This discretion is in place to allow for illness or injury, should a sailor choose to miss a test then become ill and have to miss a further test then no discretion is allowed and they will be dropped from the programme. This is consistent across the programme all the way through to, and including, the Olympic Team.

    Sign Up

    Sign up for Physical Profiling on the 9th and 10th February  is not yet open. 


    Recovery from physical exertion, whether on-water or on-land is extremely important. It can enhance performance and improve training quality. As you are coming up to the Youth Nationals, think now about how to best prepare yourselves for the profiling plus a multi-day regatta. Tailor your physical training so that you arrive fit (with a good base load of training) but rested, this combined with utilising recovery time effectively will ensure you are in the best possible condition to perform for each morning of racing. Information to assist you can be found here.

    Dates & Venues

    map of squad profiling


    Region/Home Country

    Sign Up Status 


    9th & 10th February 2019 All zones Not open   TBC

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