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Regional Race Officials Course

race official officer courseClub Race Officer Courses 

Club Race Officer courses, designed to help people who run club racing run better racing, are evening courses of around three hours instead of the previous one-day weekend courses.

The course addresses issues including:

  • What do I need to do before I go on the water
  • Discuss what sort of courses need to be set, what area of water to use
  • Setting the course and tips on setting the start and finish line – eg tips on how to set a square line and how long should it be
  • Guidance, hints and tips to set the best course for each of the different classes
  • How to 'run the perfect finishing procedure'

Any club that would like to run a CRO course should contact their regional Racing Rules Advisor for further details. Their contact details can be found by clicking the See Also Link to the right.


The Midlands' Race Management Co-ordinators and Racing Rules Advisers will come to your club to run sessions / workshops sharing their expertise and experiences with your committee and members. 

The only requirementis that expenses are paid by the club.The regional Race Management Co-ordinators and Racing Rules Advisors can advise clubs on the changes, recruiting and training race officers and judges and improving race management.

Who to contact

Find out who are your Midlands Regional Race Management Co-ordinators and Racing Rules Advisors by clicking on the contacts tab.

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