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Investigation ongoing into the fatal collision between a high-speed passenger craft and a navigation buoy

Flares contain explosives, once they are past their expiry date it is essential that out of date flares or Time Expired Pyrotechnics (TEP) are disposed of carefully.

Keep a friend or relative ashore appraised of your plans and any changes and have suitable means of communication on board for routine messaging and emergency situations.

Be prepared; think ‘what if?’ and don’t ruin a good day out on the water with insufficient planning.

A means of calling for help in the event of an onboard emergency is essential for all boaters.

Guidelines for skippers of pleasure craft under 13.7m in length on the types of emergency distress alerting and locating equipment they can choose to carry based on distance from the coast and GMDSS communications sea areas.

Lights and shapes are used to indicate the status of a vessel at sea and the direction in which a vessel underway is moving, to allow the correct action to be taken by all the vessels when in sight of each other.

Checking your engine before you set off could avoid breaking down when you are underway. Increased care is needed in the storage of diesel (gas oil) where this contains biodiesel.

Before setting sail on a passage which will involve sailing in the dark, thought should be given to how the dark will make the trip different to a voyage completed in daylight only.