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406 MHz beacon owners should update and confirm their beacon information to ensure emergency responders have the information they need.

Find out how the new rules will affect you.

Sixteen people’s lives might have been saved in 2020 if they had been wearing a lifejacket or buoyancy aid, according to findings from the Casualty Review Panel.

Investigation ongoing into the fatal collision between a high-speed passenger craft and a navigation buoy

Last year, the UK Hydrographic Office announced the launch of its ADMIRALTY Small Craft Chart Service – formerly known as ADMIRALTY Leisure Chart Folios.

Pyrotechnic marine flare manufacturer, Pains Wessex has announced a series of Flare Amnesty Days for Spring 2022.

You can now register your EPIRBs and 406 MHz PLBs for free online.

The RYA prepare to submit a response to the Boat Safety Scheme's consultation on introducing revised requirements.