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How sailing can boost our mental health

Opportunities to come together as a community of clubs, centres and people - enjoying time on the water and sharing a wealth of knowledge

Come together as the Sailability community and share a wealth of knowledge

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Sailability. So many different types of people give their time to support sailors in getting on the water - there is a role for everyone, on or off the water.

Be part of a community of clubs and centres passionate about getting people on the water, no matter what it takes

Everyone is different, so contact us if you have questions or want to find out more about how boating and Sailability can be made to work for you

Looking for the next challenge - the only limit is your imagination. There is a world of opportunity to develop your skills, build confidence and nurture your passion.

Your ambitions are the only ones that count as it's a level playing field on the water.

From inland waterways to the high seas, go wherever your sense of adventure takes you. Once your boating journey begins, the world is yours to own.