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RYA Audiobooks

An audiobook trial is coming in Spring 2020 with a few key titles:

Starting with two key books to begin with:

  • RYA Yachtmaster Handbook
  • RYA VHF Handbook

We will then start looking at other books to get a good spread for this trial:

  • RYA National Sailing Scheme Instructor Handbook
  • TBC...

Why are we looking at audiobooks?

Putting aside the obvious benefits of accessibility, audiobooks are growing in popularity due to an increasing number of mobile devices with improved functionality and increased popularity of digital formats. Audiobooks are also able to interact with the increasingly popular smart speakers, voice recognition devices (i.e. Google Home Assistant, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod) and other streaming devices.

It is becoming more common for both train and car commuters to listen to audiobooks rather than music or the radio as a way to optimise their time to learn new bits of information in our fast paced world. Audiobooks appear to fit into our modern world where instantaneous results are the norm because you can listen at a higher speed rate than reading.

How are we approaching audiobooks?

We know that people love engaging content and learn more effectively with a compelling sensory experience - narrators of audiobooks can use vocal range and add more exclamation or dramatic intent to their voices than if a person was to read a book and hear the words in their head, and so create a powerful and memorable experience.  

A lot of our content is highly illustrated and some of it will not be suitable but our approach is to start with a handful of our most suitable titles and create abridged or adapted versions. Perhaps an ‘audio-notes’ or ‘companion’ version is the most appropriate description, with the aim of the audiobook to be a useful and easily accessible reminder, refresher, companion or supporting tool rather than a complete replacement for the print or eBook format.

Where will they be available?

We're expecting our audiobooks to be available through the following channels in Spring 2020, and we'll look at additional channels in due course.

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