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Product Description

An innovative design for day and night use. This divider has a red LED light built into each leg for use in low light conditions. The LED lights have just the right intensity and distance from the chart that no shadows are created and night vision is not lost at the helm.

  • Centre adjustment mechanism allows quick, precise operation.
  • Tool functions as both a compass and divider.
  • Battery lasts approximately 20 hours with lights on. 
  • Spare point, lead and knob provided.
  • Complete instructions included in package.
  • Weight: 0.19 lb. (86 g).

'An excellent piece of kit. Although the wheel and spindle are not quite as substantial as on the Ultralight, they are still stiff enough to hold the dividers in a given position once set. And of course they have these two fab lights, one on either leg that shine down and provide a pool of red light on each of the two points so you can see what you are measuring at night. The red light I imagine being the regulation colour for night navigation so you don’t lose your night vision. You get a spare point and one pencil lead to convert them from dividers into a compass. So that’s me sorted, the Weems and Plath Ultralights will do me by day and the LED Light will do me by night. All I need is for the cloud to blow away so I can get a sight of the sun and the stars and get my sextant readings. The Weems and Plath LED Light divider 7", an excellent piece of kit.'

'Simply the best I have used in 40 years of professional navigation. Beautifully engineered to produce superbly accurate measurements and markings, this instrument is simply the best I have used in 40 years of professional navigation. The inclusion of LEDs to illuminate the precise position on the chart (without the navigator having to work in shadows) is an act of genius. Light and easy to use single handed, they are perfect for the serious navigator.'

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