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Paralock Plotter

(Equipment) (ZE-PP)

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Product Description

A well made, solid and compact set of parallel rules with a locking knob - a clever adaption of the classic parallel rule design. They have been designed to transfer your latitude and longitude from the scale on the side of the chart to allow quick and accurate plotting of your position. They can also be used to derive waypoints from paper charts – particularly useful for electronic navigators.

All the features of standard parallel rules but fits in pocket and is easier to use. They may be compact and suited for use on small chart tables but the opening width is the same as standard rules.

·         The locking knob enables the two rulers to be fixed in any given separation which allows rapid determination of GPS position.

·         Two sets of finger holes enable finger tips to act as friction pads on underlying chart.

·         Has graduations – can be used as a protractor to determine compass bearing.

·         Has millimetre metric scale across bottom, making it easy to take distances and transfer them to mileage chart.


'… well made and solid …'

'At first these mini parallel rules look too small until you discover their intended use. At a push they can be used as a pair of traditional parallel rules, however they have been designed for transferring your lat and long from the scale on the side of the chart to allow quick plotting of your position. A clever adaption of a classic design brought together as a well-made and solid piece of kit.'

'… a fantastic piece of kit …'

'The Paralock is a fantastic piece of kit. It is compact and well-built, makes GPS fixes a doddle and offers several advantages over a “conventional” set of parallel rules, such as the ability to quickly lock the rules to stop them expanding or contracting.'

'All in all, the ParaLock is refined and well thought out so that it is a joy to use. I have no doubt this is a tool which will spend most of its life out on the chart-table!'

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Weems & Plath
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£2.00 to the UK by Royal Mail
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within 5 working days
UK mainland inc. Highlands & Islands
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