Tender operator course

Course resources

The guidance below is intended for instructors teaching the Tender Operators Course, giving the context of the course and information on running the night exercise etc.

Within the presentation are links to the two videos shown below. So, if you download the presentation you will also need to download the videos and save them all in the same location so that the presentation can play the videos. 

Guidance on running the course
Presentation (MP4 file)
Resources, pictures and videos that can be used on courses
Powerpoint show
Instructor notes for delivering the course
Video: the effects of a hook (used in the resources presentation above)
Guidance for avoiding and mitigating a hook PDF
Video: rough water passenger injury (used in the resources presentation above)

Examples of local bylaw information

Below are some examples of the type of information available locally through places such as Harbour Masters offices. Remember to gather and check this kind of local information wherever you are.

Cannes local

Good Conduct Code

La Vitesse en Mer

Villefrance bylaws