ASTO is the Association of Sail Training Organisations, where ‘Sail Training’ means adventurous sailing voyages on a residential offshore sailing vessel.

Sail Training uses the experience of being at sea as a means to help people learn about themselves, discover hidden strengths and talents, and understand the value of working as a team.

Participants learn to manage themselves and interact with others, dramatically boosting their self-awareness and confidence.

Sail Training is widely recognised as an effective means to engage with young people that has long lasting, positive outcomes.

ASTO is a charity that exists to promote Sail Training and to support the provision of Sail Training opportunities in the United Kingdom. We have more than 30 member organisations that operate more than 50 boats that between them take over 10,000 young and disabled people to sea each year. They include the Ocean Youth Trust, Tall Ships Youth Trust and Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust, amongst others.

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