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Together on Water - Frequently asked questions

Why do we need this change in approach? 

As an organisation, we’re proudly building on almost 150 years of heritage and trust – but we need to look forward and continue to evolve so we remain a representative voice, relevant to society and fit for the future.

The Covid pandemic saw millions of new people try out water-based activities, from broad demographic backgrounds. But beyond these initial taster experiences, more regular participants of boating activities display relatively low demographic diversity. Dinghy racing participation has declined and club numbers are static – we cannot ignore these trends and need to work hard to attract and retain new audiences.

How will this change things?

We hope that our members and affiliates will have a greater sense that the RYA itself is more open, and that we collectively need to shift perceptions around sailing and boating from the view that it is exclusive and non-representative, to being more open and inclusive.

‘Together on Water’ sets the tone and challenges our network to think differently – how can they too evolve and broaden their own horizons to become more open, welcoming and inclusive to newcomers across their operations and activities.

We must also collectively demonstrate how the sports and pastimes we love create positive impact in peoples’ lives so we can bring more people together on water, safely and responsibly, for generations to come.

What can I do to support?

We hope that ‘Together on Water’ will challenge everyone in our network to think differently. We can’t do it alone and need everyone to consider how they too can become more open, welcoming and inclusive across their operations and activities.

We can all spread the word about how spending time on the water can have a positive impact in peoples’ lives, inspiring and bringing more people together on water, safely and responsibly, for generations to come.

We’ll be working with our affiliates in the coming months to share ideas and bring this vision to life. 

How can my club/centre convert more people into regular participants?  

We need to learn from the needs and successes within our network and use these to drive our programmes and initiatives. We know we could do better at signposting activities so people can see what other opportunities exist.   

We need to promote the roles and people that support activity – instructors, race officers, club committee members, volunteers – and what they involve. Plus provide resources that build connection and confidence in taking on a role or trying an activity.   

Finally, we need to provide tools that help our network to understand their requirements as the expectations on our clubs and centres evolve, signpost training opportunities and share ideas that help the people leading activity to support safe and enjoyable experiences on the water. 

Are you still the Royal Yachting Association?

Yes, RYA stands for Royal Yachting Association, and you can find our full name across both our online and offline channels. In 2025 we will celebrate our 150th anniversary and we are immensely proud of our heritage. Read more about our royal connections through the ages.

Why is there a new brand?  

Our refreshed logo and brand identity is designed to complement ‘Together on Water’. 

The RYA brand hasn’t changed substantially in over 35 years. So, in parallel with the new strategy, the time was right for a review in keeping with the modern, forward-looking organisation we need to be.

The evolution of the new logo was borne out of extensive consultation with both our current network as well as a broader audience. As a result, we believe it will resonate with more people, helping us to achieve our goal of a more open and inclusive sailing and boating community. 

What does the new branding represent? 

The RYA logo refresh was inspired by our vision to create a connected and inclusive community on the water. A subtle curve has been applied to symbolise the horizon line and positive futures for the RYA community.   

A primary colour palette has been developed taking inspiration from the blue tones formed in water and the sky. These are accompanied by a red colour to bring energy and variety.  

A secondary palette has been added to inject further colour vibrancy. These take inspiration from the natural environment, the shores and surrounding landscape.  

The quarter circle, used in multiple graphical ways, communicates inclusivity and togetherness on the water. The branding represents an RYA community that seeks to be open for all and inspire positive futures for everyone on the water. 

Where can I find new logos to use?

New logos and brand guidelines for clubs and affiliated organisations can be found in the club and centre support pages. Guidelines of use and logos for recognised training centres and instructors are now available on the Training Support Site

We want our network to be proud of their RYA branded items, but please rest assured you don’t need to replace everything right away.

The new brand rollout will be a phased process that is sustainable and economical. We are not expecting, nor asking, for anything to be changed in the days, weeks or even months ahead where materials already exist. It’s envisaged it will likely take around 18 months to update most items, and some may be slightly longer.

We are encouraging the use of existing materials until stocks are wound down and can then be replaced over time with the new brand.

When can I get a new recognised training centre flag and window sticker?  

To replace all flags for all centres would be a significant cost and waste of existing resource, therefore the intention is to run down the stock of existing flags and then replace with the new logo as and when centres order a new one for themselves.   

We will look to replace window stickers when recognition certificates are sent out April – Sept 2024 as part of the pack.  

Find out more about the new RYA Instructor and RYA Training Centre logos on the Training Support Site.   

Find out more about Together on Water in our special RYA Live broadcast, recorded on launch day. Host Dee Caffari MBE delves into the detail with CEO Sara Sutcliffe MBE and Director of Sport Development Rob Clark.

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