Sustainability at the heart of Christchurch Sailing Club

Everyone who enjoys being on the water plays a vital role in protecting our inland and marine environment

Starting from the top

We headed to Christchurch Sailing Club to hear about their green journey and how they’ve weaved sustainability into everyday operations.

Over a year ago, the club reorganised as a community interest company. It was decided that there should be a sustainability representative on the main board.

Ted Sansom, Rear Commodore (sustainability) explains: “It’s very important that sustainability is represented at the board level and is given an equal platform within all the activities that the club does.”

Small changes making a big difference

From compostable coffee cups to replacing outdoor heaters with blankets, the club members are seeing small changes across all aspects of the club.

“We try to make it easier for people to recycle and we’ve installed a recycling point for ropes. In six months, I’m hoping we’ll have solar panels here. The club is also looking to convert a fleet of boats to electric propulsion. This won’t be an overnight job, but as a club we’re introducing a study this summer to look at what is possible and what can be done.”

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