Criminal Record Disclosure Coordinators

The RYA can help clubs and centres to access Criminal Records checks on volunteers or staff who will work with young people or vulnerable adults

The RYA is an umbreall body for criminal record enhanced disclosure checks and can help affiliated clubs and organisations and RYA Recognised Training Centres to access Criminal Records checks on volunteers or staff who will work with young people or adults at risk 

The RYA can process criminal record disclosure checks across England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland through the following service provider: 


AccessNI - Northern Ireland

AccessNI is the organisation who processes criminal record checks for Northern Ireland

Disclosure and Barring Service - England and Wales

The Disclosure and Baring Service provides criminal disclosure checks for people in England and Wales

Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) - Scotland

PVG is the scheme which processes criminal record checks for Scotland through Volunteer Scotland


In Scotland, anyone whose role involves 'regulated work' should now be a member of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme, including those previously checked under the old Disclosure scheme.  Legislation is currently going through the Scottish Parliament which will introduce a number of changes to the criminal records disclosure and PVG process.

If you are interested in using the RYA as an umbrella body for processing your club/centre enhanced disclosure checks, please contact the RYA Safeguarding team on and request an information pack. A service level agreement will need to be completed between your organisations nominated Disclosure Coordinator and the RYA prior to being given access to the service. The information pack will provide the Disclosure Coordinator with all the guidance they will need to process the checks and this includes access to a closed Facebook Support Group.

Cost of Disclosure Processing Checks*

Disclosure and Barring Service: Enhanced checks for volunteers are currently free. Paid roles have a charge of £43.00 (£40.00 to DBS + £3 admin fee to Cantium).

Volunteer Scotland: Protecting Vulnerable Groups PVG Sceme: Enhanced checks for volunteers are currently free and a cost of £59.00 is charged for New Scheme Record for paid positions and Existing PVG members are charged £18.00 for paid positions

AccessNI: Enhanced checks are free for volunteers and £33.00 for paid positions

  *The RYA do not make a profit from processing criminal disclosure checks.