Keep the ocean plastic-free with sustainable clothing

A new range of recycled marine kit will protect you and the planet

Sailors and other water users will be all too aware of the unsightly plastic waste that washes up on beaches and collects in harbours and marinas. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing our oceans. Discarded bags, bottles and other throwaway items harm the health of marine and coastal wildlife, and even find their way into the food chain. But there are many ways to turn the tide on plastic, not only when it comes to what you do but also what you wear.

To celebrate its commitment to the environment, marine clothing company Gill Marine has launched a Sustainable Edit  featuring its most eco-friendly products, all made from recycled materials.

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The Sustainable Edit features a range of high-performance clothing that’s ideal for watersports or as part of an active outdoor lifestyle. The Eco Pro rash vest is made from a lightweight, four-way stretch fabric that’s woven from yarn comprising recycled plastic bottles – there are up to 13 bottles in every vest! Recycled plastic yarn is also a key component of the Holcombe Crew short-sleeve T-shirt. With a soft ‘cotton touch’ feel, it’s perfect as a base layer in colder weather but also looks great on its own on warmer days. Up to 22 plastic bottles have been recycled into the fabric that makes up the men’s North Hill and women’s Whitesands jackets. Windproof, water-repellent and insulated with synthetic fibres, both jackets will keep the weather at bay. 

Gill Marine’s Sustainable Edit makes it possible to protect yourself from the elements while saving our oceans from plastic pollution

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Gill Marine has long been a champion of sustainability, from its products to its packaging. The durability of its clothing means that items last longer, reducing the demand for raw materials. The company has even switched to a more environmentally friendly plant-based technology, XPEL, on a number of its products. Currently found in its OS3 Coastal range, and appearing soon in the OS1 and OS2 ranges, XPEL fabric is fully water repellent but doesn’t contain harmful waterproofing chemicals. This exclusive technology is also stain-resistant and odour-resistant.

Whether you’re on the water, at the coast or inland, the Sustainable Edit makes it possible to protect yourself from the elements while saving our oceans from plastic pollution. And a 10% donation from every product sold from the Sustainable Edit will go to Gill Marine’s charity partner, Ocean Generation, to help safeguard our ocean.Ocean Generation is a global movement that aims to eliminate human threats to ocean ecosystems within a generation. Gill Marine’s donations will support its work to find practical solutions and influence policy changes. Since 2009, Ocean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans), has spread the word about marine conservation through films, education and accessible science. Proceeds from the Sustainable Edit will enable this vital work to continue.