Club Membership Census

The census is an annual survey of membership at RYA Affiliated Clubs

The information clubs provide helps us to monitor progress and shape our bids for further resourcing - which allows us to both continue to support clubs and promote boating activities to a wider audience.

The 2022 census opens at the beginning of June. Clubs will be sent an invitation by email. Use the link 2022 RYA Club Membership Census Questions to preview the questions in this year’s census.

The most recent insights can be found below. Please contact with any questions.

Collecting ED&I data supports the RYA's work ensuring boating is accessible to all. Provided clubs collect the data anonymously the collection of such data will not invoke Data Protection legislation

Mandy Peters RYA Legal Manager

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Would it be useful, to know how many retired people there are locally to you or how many local children there are when thinking about setting up or expanding your clubs junior and youth section of the club? Put your venues postcode in this ONS tool and be amazed at how useful understanding your local demographic can be to your club

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