Futures webinars

The Futures Project was a joint initiative between British Marine and the RYA. Take a look at the webinar to see how we can take best advantage of the future challenges of our sport

Futures Webinars

The ‘Future of Sailing’ webinar series address current trends affecting boating and watersports. Aimed at clubs, class associations and anyone who has an interest in the future of sailing, the thought-provoking sessions feature key findings from the Futures Project, commissioned by British Marine.

Topics have ranged from pay on demand boating and modern communications to the diversification of club activity, and aim to provide support and guidance for clubs and the wider industry. Each webinar features short presentations from industry experts and Q&A sessions with clubs already implementing strategies to address the changing demands.

The Future of Dinghy Sailing

The first webinar in the series explores some of the topics initially covered by Liz Rushall and Mark Jardine in their respective talks at the 2018 RYA Dinghy Show.

Pay on Demand

Trends indicate younger generations moving away from ‘ownership’ and towards ‘experiences’. This creates challenges for traditional sailing clubs but a number of clubs and commercial organisations are already experimenting with new forms of accessing sailing and ‘pay on demand’ boating, with varying success - Matt Sheahan finds out more.

Alternative Activity

Hosted by Andy Rice, the next webinar in the series focuses on alternative club activity; be it introducing other watersports, mixing up the traditional racing formats or introducing non-competitive activity such as cruises and ‘fun’ training days.

Effective marketing and communications

Whether it’s the use of leaflet drops, events, open days, social media or web presence Matt Sheahan speaks with clubs that have successfully used marketing and communications to boost activity and membership.

The Future of Volunteering

Our insight suggests 52% of RYA affiliated clubs report lack of volunteers as being a primary challenge to their growth and many clubs are reporting a small number of volunteers are doing the bulk of the work. We’ve undertaken an extensive research project to find out why and what we can do about it and also included some experiences of clubs who have managed to successfully increase the number of volunteers.

Club Member Satisfaction

The final webinar in this series shares the findings of research which aims to increase the 'satisfaction' of sailing club members and reduce membership 'churn' (the percentage of membership that leaves every year).

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