Clubs and centres have responsibility to ensure volunteers and staff are fully trained.

PUWER states that sites and centres have responsibility to ensure volunteers and staff are fully trained to understand the equipment they are using and the needs of those being hoisted both to protect the individual and themselves. Staff and volunteers need to have access to:

  • Training on the equipment they will be using
  • Access to user guides and other relevant written instruction
  • A copy of the individuals handling plan
  • Input into the development of the individual’s handling plan where appropriate
  • Training in the techniques to be used
  • Training to ensure that they understand the risks to both the individual and themselves and knowledge of measures to control these risks
  • Access to the organisations policies and procedures in relation to reporting and rectifying issues related to equipment and practice


Sites need to make sure that volunteers and staff receive adequate training and information on people moving and handling. Practical training has an important role to play in ensuring volunteers and staff have the skills and confidence to hoist people safely. In addition to practising equipment selection and use, staff need to understand the principles of hoisting, the potential risks, how to use the specific equipment in place and how to implement individual handling plans. There is no firm rule about how often training should be given. However, skills will, inevitably, deteriorate over time. Provide update or refresher training periodically, or when competency assessment identifies the need for further training. Also remember to retrain when any new lifting aids are introduced or there are changes to the method of work.

A record of training for each operator must be kept and made available to the HSE should there be an incident.

Next - each person should have a specific handling plan to match their individual needs as well as the needs of the volunteers/staff involved.

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