What is ReDiscover Sailing?


Rediscover Sailing - Members.
We are acutely aware that many existing members/customers may have only benefited from being at their venue on one or two occasions over the last year.

  • We very much share the hope that these members/customers will return with great enthusiasm later this year and as such we plan to support our affiliated organisations with a “ReDiscover Sailing” campaign which will run from 2nd April.  
  • This campaign will be aimed at supporting venues to re-engage with their membership/customer base to encourage them back on the water when circumstances allow this spring.
  • To support this, we have designed some ReDiscover Sailing resources (similar to the Discover Sailing resources) which we hope that venues will find useful in helping them attract their members/customers back.  
  • We will be encouraging club members to get back in contact with their venues in order get back on the water through a regional and national comms campaign.  

ReDiscover Sailing – Non-Members
“What if we don’t have any volunteers happy to get into boats with visitors?” We have been humbled with the lengths that our volunteers have gone to over the last 10 months to try and get people sailing and very much appreciate that there may not be an appetite for volunteers to take people they don’t know yet sailing. We also know that last summer there has been a huge appetite for ex sailors wishing to get back on the water. As such there is a possibility of running “ReDiscover Sailing” events where venues are inviting previous members/customers or other ex sailors to your venue to get back on the water. It will of course be possible to purchase resources for ReDiscover sailing and we will be producing support videos to help you ensure that these events are run safely. Again, when we have a clearer idea next month of what is and isn’t possible, we will be in touch.