Social Media

Using social media platforms regularly and creating your clubs' posts to greatest effect is an increasingly important method to enable impactful communication between your club and the people that engage with your club.

Your club's social media audience are most likely made up of your; members, volunteers,potential future members, committee, parents and others of your local community. It allows your audience an insight into your club and a chance fort hem to engage and share the club’s “good news” to their own online networks.

For the club, it gives opportunity to show off your clubs assets and promote current activity that is key to protecting your clubs future. The webinar videos found below will navigate you through the online basics;  

Guidance notes and policies
Social media policy

General guidelines on potential policy considerations for social media

Guidance notes

Guidance on how to deal with offensive messages and posts on social media

Supporting documents
Protecting yourself online

Where is your club's Facebook account now?


Setting up Facebook and what to post