Club cruising

Advice about running safe & inclusive club cruising

If people are to lead active lives through a regular habit of sailing, they need to:

  1. Feel welcome and have fun
  2. Feel safe and able to ask questions or raise concerns
  3. Be able to take part because their needs are being met

We can’t look at these in isolation, they are dependent on each other.

These resources can help affiliated organisations reflect on how you can develop and maintain club cruising so that activity on the water can be safe, fun and open. 

Each section has:

  • general advice
  • a series of questions or prompts
  • some useful resources and tools you can use

The checklist plan can be used alongside the safety management system action plan resource and is there for you to capture your planning, safety management system and allow the opportunity to review how the cruise went and outline opportunities for improvement.

The resources do not prescribe what you must do, but provide a framework for you to think about running the safe and fun dinghy cruises and suggest what could be considered.


A systemic approach

Club cruise in companies will be:

Run in a safe environment

Link to RYA Safety Management System

Well planned and promoted

Passage planning. Weather and tides. Promoting to members. When do you need a rib.

Within the ability of all participants

How to assess what ability sailor you need to be. Link to "People accept risk" (Joffs document). Tips on how to support inexperienced sailors