Improve your clubs racing rules knowledge

Improving rules knowledge is an easy way to up-skill your club racers and prevent disputes on the race course. Why not use our videos during one of your club winter talks on even as an online winter catch up?
Racing rules videos
When boats meet

This series takes you through the most likely scenarios of rules infringement

Different racing disciplines

These videos cover match racing, team racing & kiteboarding

Racing rules explainer

These are short videos explain how your members can use the rules to their advantage on the race course


Our friendly & informal rules advisory service is here to support and improve your clubs racing knowledge

RYA racing charter

Promote good sportsmanship at your club with our racing charter

Guidance and good practice

Make sure your club gives the best protest room experience possible

Rules disputes

Find out about our structured processes for dealing with incidents whilst racing on the water from advisory meetings, through arbitration to full protest hearings.


All the information your need on the racing rules of sailing, Offshore special regulations & more