Getting the conversation right means we need to know what is important to people. Some of the Activity Alliance's ten principles will help set the tone and make activities more appealing to disabled people

Welcome me

Make sure I feel welcome from the first time I get in touch – the conversation you have with me before I come and once I arrive is a really important part of a pleasant first experience and me wanting to return.

Reassure me

I don’t want to stand out, so reassure me the activity will be welcoming and suitable for my needs

Listen to me

I should be able to discuss my needs in a safe and private environment. If need be, and I am OK with it, talk to others who know me well

Include me

Let me know I am good enough to take part. Make sure I feel included, no matter what my ability level

Show me

Engage disabled sailors who are already involved to encourage me

Some prompts and questions to help you get to know the person

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