Club Facilities

We have a wealth of resources available for your club to use to reduce their environmental impact
Anchoring and mooring

Find out how to reduce your club boats impact on the seabed


Make sure your boat bottoms are antifouled the environmentally friendly way

How do you deal with blue green algae?

All you need to know about how to deal with this summer menace

Electric boating

Find out how your club can join the electric boat movement

Invasive species

Find out how 'Wash, Clean and Dry' can protect your club

Leptospirosis and Weils disease

Health and safety information

Oil and fuel

Spills are extremely hazardous for club members and wildlife, find out how to clear them up properly

Slipway cleaning

Take a look at our latest advice on keeping your slipways safe

Wash and noise

Find out why it matters that all our members keep their wash and noise down


Weed can have a devasting impact on activity on our inland clubs. Find out how your club can deal with it


With so many of our clubs surrounded by amazing wildlife take a look at how we can protect the beauty around us

The Green Blue

Great resources to reduce your clubs impact on your local environment