Volunteering & staff

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Volunteer planning workshop

Use this workshop to help plan the recruitment and management of your volunteers


Guidance notes for your club working with staff

Committee role descriptions

Use our role descriptions to save time

How to recruit and manage your volunteer team

Top tips on how to find and look after your volunteers

Payments to volunteers

Make sure your payments to volunteers is above board

Recognising your volunteers

Easy to use to tips to thank your team

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Find out how your club could benefit from having a volunteer co-ordinator

Volunteer surveys

Use our guide to volunteer surveys to find out what your volunteers think

Volunteer training

Training opportunities for you and your club volunteers

Volunteers and the law

Make sure you are supporting your volunteers in the correct way

Communicating with your volunteers

Follow our simple seven step process

Successful committees

How to make sure your committee is well run

Barriers to volunteering

Understanding the challenges will help you increase the number of your volunteers

Club IT

Find out how technology can make your volunteering easier